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A very simple DIY wall treatment to add texture and color to otherwise plain walls.

I just purchased some very inexpensive matchstick roll up shades at my local Lowe’s. ($15.95) They came in two colors, I used the darker color.

Unrolled it and nailed it to the wall using the hangers that were attached and cut off the strings. It rolled down to about the middle of the bed…perfect length. I even left the top just as it was because I liked the look it gave.

And this is how it looks in my space;

How easy was that?

The two green polka dot frames attached to the shade were also something I put together. Just stretching coordinating fabric over white canvas frames and stapling on the back.

I previously posted about this in my 31 Days of Decorating with $31 Series that the Nester  hosted and today I am linking up over at the Tip Junkie and Thrifty Decor Chic Thanks for stopping by!