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The word for today is Cherished;

I saw a story on tv this morning about a group in Boston that is trying to add sunshine, a smile to everyone. They are trying to just make people smile as they go throughout their day. Whether at the airport , on the street, anywhere….just say “hi”, give them hugs, oranges, well you get the point.

It really resonated with me. That we all want to be loved and cherished. That we all want to be acknowledged. That we should take the time to do that in kind. We are all cherished  by God and we should not only give it but receive it.

I am going through a period in my life that is really challenging and these simple words have taken on, not a new meaning but seem to shout out to me through the fog in my head and become so much more clear and meaningful.

By all means cherish your life, your family and yes, even yourself.


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