Hi, my name is Trish and welcome to my blog! I am married to my High School sweetheart and we have been together for nearly 30 years. I am a mother of two grown sons and have two beautiful grandbabies! Completing our family are two sweet fluffy Bichon’s. I love a good cup of coffee, a good glass of wine and I always, always have a tool box handy.

My background is in Visual Merchandising. I have merchandised everything from very large department stores to small privately owned boutiques. Decorated and lit to many Christmas trees to count. Traveled to store openings where the work to be done was completely overwhelming but felt so good when the doors first opened for business. Currently, I am working independently as a Merchandiser doing work for several different companies. That experience has helped developed my passion for decorating interior spaces, Home Staging and Room Redesign. I am lucky to be able to get paid to do what I love!

  I am that person who cares if the shelf is perfectly level, decorates in 3’s and knows that sometimes less is more. I am not a professional Interior Decorator but I have over 15 years of Visual Merchandising experience, earned my certification as a Home Staging Expert (HSE), moved and decorated 13 different homes and have a passion for everything house and home.

 Volunteering is also something close to my heart and I currently volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Every life has a story to tell…….I started my blog to share mine. I’ll share about my experiences in display and design, my home decorating (and others) and my life in general.

Because I get that “stare” from some people when I tell them what I do:

Visual Merchandising is….at a retail level, merchandising refers to the variety of products and display in such a way that stimulates interest and entices customers to purchase.

Home Staging is…..the art of decorating a home to place it on the market with the focus on presentation.

 I am a Certified Home Staging Expert (HSE), from Center Stage Home, Inc.

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