What a nice surprise I received in my inbox recently from another blogger~

Beautiful Blogger Award

She nominated me for this, the Beautiful Blogger Award. How sweet! The best part of blogging for me is the connections I’ve made with people I NEVER would have met otherwise and the creative outlet it gives me.

I was nominated by Liz of Sort~It, a professional organizing company that she started. Please stop over and visit her site and blog.

She writes and gives great tips about cleaning, decluttering (near and dear to my heart), hoarding, organizing and planning.

I’ll list the rules here so the people I nominate will have an easier time of joining in, there is no pressure to participate its’ just about bloggers recognizing others blogs.

  • Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their website.
  • Post the award, but who wouldn’t want to do that!!!!
  • Nominate 7 other blogs for the award with links to their blogs.
  • Finally and the fun part for our readers, post 7 random things about you.

My nominations are as follows;

  1. CB’s Cooking Adventure’s– All things recipes and cooking. She’s a great cook!
  2. The Bunten Blog– Actually this is another one of Cynthia’s blogs (her family journey) that I enjoy as well. She is the one who inspired me to start blogging and gave me a helping hand with mine so I think she deserves recognition for both of her blogs.
  3. For the love of Handbags-Janice’s life and love of creating beautiful bags.
  4. Always Nesting– I just started following this blog but I love their story, blog and that Marla and Steve are a team. Mostly decor inspired but with other great ideas as well.
  5. Whatever– Teresa loves creating a beautiful home, her family and her faith. She has great style and great ideas. I have been a follower since the beginning of my blog.
  6. Find joy in the journey-Shannon is Teresa’s daughter. Another blog I love to follow. She is so creative, she shares her family’s journey and it’s always interesting.
  7. Thistlewood Farm– KariAnn has a beautiful blog, let me state that again….. a beautiful blog! She writes about decorating her home and lots of DIY.

7 Random things about me;

  1. I went skydiving on my 40th Birthday.
  2. For 3 years we housed hockey players in our home during their junior hockey season. They lived with us just as one of our own children. One for 2 years and another one for one year.
  3. I love cotton candy.
  4. I love and collect quotes.
  5. I dream of going to Australia one day.
  6. My favorite city (so far) has been San Francisco.
  7. I am a Chicago Bears fan.