I’m giving it a go again. You experienced bloggers out there know where I’ve been.

Those of you who don’t blog, well you probably won’t understand.

It’s just been dry around here lately.

But, it’s a new year and I’m giving it a go AGAIN.

After reading one of my favorite blogs this morning The Pioneer Woman, she encouraged us to use the word resolution to make a list of our….. well, resolutions.

DSCN7042Read more… watch TV less, really I need to do this. I find myself watching in the winter way-tooo-much.

Eat better and eat less. I just joined Jenny Craig, again. I am a life long member which I am embarrassed to admit  but I am setting small monthly goals this time instead of worrying about that end goal so much.

Shop for stocking stuffers all year-long. I know this sounds strange and there is a long story to go along with this goal that I will share another time. I’ll just say that I changed up my christmas stockings this year for my adult children and I don’t think they were impressed.

Obsess less about my appearance.

Learn to live in the moment.

Update my blog. Much Needed!

Take more pictures. Take pictures at all is more like it. I am terrible about this and resolve to be better.

Indulge less. Back to food again. Less eating and more doing.

Offer to serve others more. Do I really serve them or am I just giving them advice or worrying. I want to really serve in a good way.

Nourish my soul. Read the Bible more. Study the scriptures more.

Well, there you have my resolutions.

Do you have any?

I’d love to hear.

Happy 2013!!!