I recently saw a quote by Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Real Estate, “Price brings you interest, staging brings you offers.”

Staging your home when it is on the market is crucial whether you do it or have someone do it for you, it must be done.

When decorating your home, you want to express your attitude, colors and style. As it is with your buyers. They are looking for a home that fits those same criteria and that’s where staging comes in. Their color and style is most likely not yours. They may be a young married couple just starting out or a couple that has their own defining tastes. The principle here is to make your home as generic and ageless as possible. Not bare, not necessarily plain with everything white or beige but you want your decor clean, updated and as pleasing as possible to as many as possible.

That means removing the clutter, the collections, outdated pictures and outdated furniture. Sometimes in the case of older clients that means, doilies, dolls and memorabilia.

Recently, I staged a home for an older couple who were very proud of their decor, collections and let’s just say stuff. A lot of stuff. Everywhere.

While I was able to tackle the stuff everywhere problem (almost), I was still left with decor that looked like an older couple would have. So the goal was to make the home look as ageless as I could. Removing a few large pieces, reworking some vignettes for them and trying to make the space more open and bright were on the top of my priority list.

Just remember when staging you want the buyers to walk in and imagine themselves living in the space not an overwhelming sense of who lives there now. When decorating your home you should always step back and take a good look at your decor or ask a friend or relative if you feel that the room dates you but be ready for the truth, it can hurt!