Have you ever had one of Those days?

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Surely, you have.

I did yesterday……….

I wrote a post only to re-edit it 3 times…. after it was published.

So if you got an email three times that I had published a post ( the same post) SORRY! It’s just that I forgot to spell check and it drove me crazy.

I drove across town to an appointment only to remember I had forgotten my camera. Which for my merchandising work is not an option.

I went back home to get it and actually forgot why I drove back home.

Guess what?

I stayed HOME!!!

Decided I’d clean house instead.

And….. I really couldn’t even focus on doing that.

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Who can explain these types of days?

What happens to our equilibrium that some days we are the windshield and sometimes we’re the bug?

I’m blaming it on the heat and the fact that a holiday was in the middle of the week.

I say we vote to make the 4th fall either on a Monday or Friday.

Oh, well….

I can always resort to some of this;

and the fact that the weekend is almost here.

 Hopefully, today we can all be the windshield and not the bug:))

Sorry, if you don’t like that analogy, if you can think of one leave me a comment.