Recently, an article came across my Facebook wall that caught my attention.

The article gave some great tips on how to update your bedroom for under $200 from HGTV

I thought this was timely because I am now offering One Day Home-Makeovers and I am always interested in budget friendly updates for homes.

Here are a few of my take away favorites that are getting entered into my idea binder.

Add Some Personality Above the Headboard~

I know this is so true……….. it is amazing what filling that space can do. Can you imagine this room without the art?

Mirrors Create Depth and Sparkle~

Again, so true. I love these mirrors and what they do for the space. I also love and will someday have a huge floor mirror (or 3!!!) for staging and one for my home. Love them! Whether placed in the bedroom next to the bed or in a living area they add so much. Can I mention that I would have put a little bit larger of a piece above the bed?

Give Your Room a Mini Makeover~

Obviously, a big fan of this tip. It suggests you find furniture from other areas of your home to swap out. Such as side tables. Repositioning your bed can also make a big difference. And because all of this was free you can go out and purchase new updated bedding with your $200 budget while adding a new color, texture or pattern.

Great tips to remember and follow. All photo credits to, HGTV

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