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Because this holiday falls in the middle of the week and my husband and I are both getting our businesses off the ground, we are spending the day…..working.

Going to enjoy some hamburgers on the grill later today with some fattening side dishes and maybe squeeze in a nap.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Your probably reading this at some beautiful lakefront home, sipping beverages with umbrellas in them just waiting for the best firework display you’ve ever seen.

Well, a girl can dream…..maybe next year.

I have been experimenting with making some mesh wreaths and put this one together in the spirit of the Fourth of July. I think some made of high school, college or NFL colors would be fun to make so that is next on the wreath making agenda.

When I have time…

Which means the day of a big game, I’ll quickly put it together and adorn my front door, pretending it has been done for weeks!

Deadlines are always a good thing, don’t you think?

Enjoy your holiday!

 Excuse the photo quality, it is so steamy out that I couldn’t get a clear picture.

It is going to be 100 degrees today, hotter here than in Florida!