It seems like I have spent a ton of time on marketing these past couple of weeks.

I started out with just business cards and my logo and lately things have come to my attention that need to be done.

I’m finding the need for something to announce my services for parade and vacant homes. I learned the hard way that if I did not leave anything behind no one would know who staged the home.


I had some “Staging Services Provided By” cards made up. I really didn’t want to just leave them on a table hoping someone would pick them up. And at the last parade home (which was my first parade home) most of the contractors that worked in the home advertised with a card in a frame and they placed their business cards alongside of it.

Nothing fancy, just a frame.

A boring frame.

Well, in my opinion anyway.


Here is MY solution….

Now, I just need a vacant home to leave it in.

 I worked up a big proposal for a home that has been on the market for a year in August. A WHOLE YEAR!! Believe me it needs some help and I hope they give me the opportunity, I would love to get in there and help them out and really make a big difference to get that home sold.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by.