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There are a lot of options when staging a bar area. Some popular themes would be a game night theme, man cave theme, candy and treats (soda fountain) theme, alcohol (wine) theme or just use beautiful stemware and bottles and do a very sophisticated, modern look.  Whatever you choose it is an important area to stage when you list your home or have a vacant home on the market.

This home was vacant with no other furniture in the basement area so it needed just small touches that would help potential buyers envision themselves entertaining in the space. 

 I added interest in the wine rack with glasses, greenery and a few bottles, red accents to draw the eye to the corners of the space, bar stools and a few snacks. Just enough to draw you in without overdoing it. Keeping the theme simple. Sometimes less is more and makes a bigger impact.

When I am staging I don’t always like to do the obvious. Everyone knows what a bar is for so using glasses with fake ice cubes with stir sticks seems obvious. I also don’t want to count out those buyers who aren’t crazy about having a bar in their basement and can now envision using it in a more family friendly way. Helping them in the decision process to purchase the home.

If you have a bar, stage it. You might need to edit what you have to showcase just a few items and make it stand out. But don’t overlook it, it could be the area that leads to the sale of your home.