It’s been awhile……..,

Since I’ve written a post on what’s going on in my life, actually a few days since I’ve written a post at all.

We’ve been busy with family these past few days and weeks, sadly my FIL passed away. If you’ve ever been through that, I probably don’t need to say any more. I don’t like sharing a lot of personal things on my blog but I feel like I should share at least that much and part of  the reason I’ve been absent.

It has really given me time to reflect on a lot of things. What’s important in life and what isn’t. Death will do that to you….real quick.

I’ve also done a couple of estimates for some pretty large home staging jobs. Both happen to be vacant homes that will require a lot of accessories to purchase. When I started this journey that is not where I thought it would take me. I assumed I would be doing mostly existing home staging but it seems to be taking me in a different path with more new and vacant home staging, for now anyway.

I have been working on my patio staging that I talked about here. But even that has gone slower than I would have liked. Most of the flowers and plants are done just a couple more to purchase, a little more clean up and a nice sunny day to take the photos and it will be complete.

Here’s one little pot that is done. My son was playing around with some extra concrete one day and fashioned this bowl, I snagged it!

And another little corner that is done……..


 Although, I might add just a little something to it.

Going to spend part of this weekend buying accessories for my staging next week.

I plan on sharing photos with you as I go along. It is a beautiful home that I am strategically staging, meaning not every room is furnished.

Hopefully, it will help me get my blogging juices back, we’ll see.

Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by!