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One of the things I plan to focus on in my patio staging, is using flowers and their containers to add different heights and color to the outdoor space. They will also be used to define three different areas.

  • One area for my large patio set
  • One area for the fire pit & grill
  • One seating area up by garage

My patio furniture does not really lend itself to decorative cushions (ok, maybe a few) and because my patio is directly under large trees, an outdoor rug would just be a nightmare to keep up. Two areas you would normally use to add texture and color. So, flowers and plants seem like the obvious choice.

There are also some old flower pots in the garage that will be pulled out and probably given a fresh coat of paint…..or not, we’ll see.

So, I’ve been browsing photos for plantscaping ideas and found a few that have given me that spark I needed to get started.

It’s like tablescapes…….. only for plants.

You can guess what I’ll be doing this weekend.

 Scented Flowers Add Nostalgia to Garden Patio

 All photos via hgtv.comContainer Topiaries Ideally Suited for Small Space