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I just recently sent out my May, Silverleaf Home Staging Newsletter.

In it, I mentioned my summer staging services. Which include; patio staging, curb appeal enhancement  (flowers, wreaths and accessories to enhance curb appeal) and flower bed weeding. (I may live to regret that service!)

Then I walked outside to sit on my patio and saw this.

Not very pretty and not very inviting.

Do you think if I was listing my home for sale, I would want it to look like this?

Or……. better question, why does my patio look like this?

So, what better staging……. than my patio.

On a tight budget.

Just like other homeowners.

So first up…. clean up, some plantscaping (more on that tomorrow) and furniture placement. I’ve always had trouble with the shape of this patio.

The biggest investment I plan to make is on flowers, and maybe a couple cushions.

If I could wave a magic wand, I’d do some decorative concrete, some built-in seating and add a hot tub. The list could go on. But that will not happen and I would imagine that is not what I’m going to run into.

So, with that in mind I want to do a very realistic staging and prove it can be pretty without spending a large amount of money, just like you can on interior spaces.

More on some plantscaping ideas tomorrow.