Trays are great tool for decorating your home. 

They offer function and decoration.

They help group things together and keep things tidy. Like here my bathroom.

This is actually a Hobby Lobby plate I found. I wanted to add a little black to the space.

I love little splash of black in every room.

………that’s just me though.

And here in the grandkids room.

A wicker version to house books and crayons.

Or, they can just be an accessory.

Like here. A look from Pottery Barn.

Beachcomber Tray, Large

Or VERY useful, like this tray table, also from Pottery Barn…..I love this!

                                             image via

Or, how about this idea of using one inside a cabinet for cute touch!


                                                               image via

Trays can be used in almost every room of your home. Their possibilities and functions are endless.

So, the next time you spot one that you like…..take it home.