I realize my posting frequency has dropped.

But hopefully, I’ll get back in a rhythm again…. soon.

Tonight…… we’re having a Surprise 30th Birthday Party for my son.

Makes me feel old.

But why is it that when you look in the mirror you look older than you feel?

Birthday Cake 2 Clip Art

 This weekend, I hope to start my fairy garden.

They have been popping up all over and I want to give it a try.

I plan on grabbing a partner, my grand-daughter and scouring for some miniatures to put in our fairy scene and getting it started.

Not sure what we’re going to use yet, but I’m thinking an old wheelbarrow, like this one.

Fairy Garden in Wheelbarrow
                                     Image via Better Homes and Gardens
I think she will love helping.
She loves to make up stories.
She loves to make things.
We love to shop.
So, I think we’re set!
Thanks so much for stopping by.