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It was our second annual  Girls Getaway Weekend last weekend. Hey, you have to start somewhere!

We got to do exactly what we wanted, when we wanted to do it. Although the rain did put a little damper on things. It was a quick getaway, left on Friday and returned late Monday afternoon. We drove to Branson, Missouri and………….



Shopped some more.

Went to see the movie, The Hunger Games, which we both loved. It was one of the first books turned into a movie that I actually thought was just as good as the book. I’ve read them all. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend them.

Anyway…….. back to our weekend……

 We relaxed. 

Did I  mention we shopped?

Here’s a little treasure I found.

Birds are a big trend this year, you’ll find them popping up everywhere. Check out the latest issue of Elle Decor and you’ll even find a little “diddy” about the bird trend.

I bought this to use for Home Staging purposes. We were thinking it would be cute holding lemons, used as a centerpiece for a cute tablescape and or with a little nest tucked inside.

I have big vacant home staging coming up so I’m anxious to find just the right spot for it.

 I’ll share pictures of my bird-cage when it finds its first home. Now I wish I had purchased more of these. It’s really growing on me.

Thanks for stopping by today!