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There are several components to being a good stager. Or just good decorating in general. One of those key components is creativity. Everyone has it -yes they do! Some, just tap into it more than others. And when you are a stager, it is almost mandatory to be creative.

Here are a few quick tips that involve some creativity, which in staging means, using what is available to you the day of your staging or something you can DIY and get up very quickly.

And they will also work great for “staging” your own home.

  • Fabric stretched and stapled over canvas, like I did here.
  • Using paper of all and any kind plain, printed, wallpaper, cards, even fabric framed like I did here  for inexpensive wall art.
  • Tree branches, fishing poles, fishing oars, hockey sticks, or even baseball bats can be great window curtain rods. Just be careful how you hang them!
  • Using trays or decorative plates to tell story’s, make vignettes or keep items together. These are great almost anywhere.
  • Cabinet doors or any scrap wood, painted a trendy or coordinating room color, (or not) for the rustic look, used as a backdrop on shelves, mantels or even leaned up against a wall.
  • Bring the outside inside. Scour your yard for branches, leaves or flowers to add something green to your space.
  • Experiment with the unexpected. Try placing a very rustic piece next to a very modern piece.
  • Try a new room arrangement. Something different in a space. It’s kind of like taking a new route to work. Same job, same room, but it can change your attitude and outlook on each.

I once wrote on someone’s comment bar that there is nothing that a little creativity can’t solve when decorating or adding pizzaz to a space.

Just take some time to tap into it.

” Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”~ Rita Mae Brown