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I’ll be honest.

I am not sure how to write this post.

This past weekend my hubby and I were booked at a hotel not far from our home (1 1/2) hours away. It was just a get out-of-town for 24 hours type of getaway.

On the way there we received notice that his dad was in the hospital with a bad infection. So, we spent most of the time at the hospital.

I am NOT complaining, glad we were able to be there.

He is doing better but not sure what the outcome of this whole thing will be yet.

So, here’s the dilemma……

I was going to post on the wonderful getaway, which it was not. But such is life. Things do not always go as planned.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining………I’m not!

I hate to report on something that made me smile in the midst of what was going on.

But , I did find something that made my creative juices flow.


here I go,

I love this wallpaper!!

So much that I photographed it.

And I am not a big fan of wallpaper.

Actually, I loved the whole space. The colors were so relaxing. I wish they would have steamed the shams and bed skirts though!

I edited my photos using PicMonkey…thank you to Thistlewood Farm, for introducing me to this editing site. it is so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by today!