I love Peeps!

I love marshmallows!

I love S’Mores!

Just recently we had a bonfire…..

we were out of marshmallows,

and we were out of chocolate.

I am sooo buying and making these for my Easter Baskets,

and some for the adults, too!

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credit to www.confetti.typepad.com 

Tag says: *Place chocolate on graham cracker half *Place peep on top of chocolate *Microwave 10-15 seconds & watch *Top off with other graham cracker half & enjoy the gooey goodness. Your one of my favorite Peeps Happy Easter!

I think it would work on the fire, too!

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credit to www.flowerduet.com

I might even try this centerpiece…how cute is it?

Just sayin….

I LOVE Peeps!

both images were found on pinterest and are on my Easter board there.