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Sometimes I feel guilty not coming up with original content 100 percent of the time. (Not that I do!) But the blogosphere seems to be full of sharing other people’s ideas.

Even one of my favorite websites HGTV does it. An article actually showed up on my Facebook Wall, of theirs the other day, showcasing clever uses for old furniture. I clicked on over and lo’ and behold the article had used bloggers ideas, photos and posts. I guess even they have trouble coming up with original ideas.

So, I thought I’d  share some of what they shared and maybe it will give you some inspiration, too.

                                          ~photo credit to Melissa Michaels

A fresh coat of paint on an old dull coffee table.

                                          ~photo credit to Marian Parsons

A decoupaged dresser, using old sheets of music.

                                         ~photo credit to Melissa Michaels

A trend wise paint job on a cabinet door makes a great backdrop.

                                          ~photo credit to Isabella & Max Rooms

Another old dresser given new life with bright chalkboard paint.

What I love about repurposing or giving new life to old furniture is… that it is a great inexpensive idea for staging houses.

Most stagers have to use the existing furniture in their clients homes anyway.

Bringing in all “new” furniture really isn’t what staging is all about. That’s called furnishing. It is necessary for vacant homes but shouldn’t be for occupied homes……… but there are always exceptions.

Finding something old in a clients home to give new life to, or thrifting to add something to your space, just makes sense.

So, do you have an old piece of furniture you don’t know what to do with? Or, do you have something in the garage or attic that is collecting dust?

Pull it out and give it a new twist…..repurpose what you already have. Whether you’re a homeowner or stager.