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 I have tried several times to keep a daily journal.

I usually get a few days into it though…… and give up.

I even have this pretty little book to write in.

Last year on our mom/daughter weekend in Branson, Missouri, my mom  purchased it for me  and left a beautiful inscription on the front page.

It so sweet, its page are held together with ribbon.


So, I have given myself permission to pick up this book and start writing again.

Write without worrying how long I will keep it up.

Write without worrying about how it looks.

Write blog post ideas.

Write about work, everyday happenings and whatever else pops into my mind.

……Because I think it will be good for me.

……Because I need to clear my desk of all the post-it notes!

……Because I’d like for my grand-daughter to have journals that I’ve written in someday.

Because this book is special to me and needs its pages filled.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Do you keep a daily journal?