I had the cutest visitor, my grandson, come and join me for breakfast.

He wasn’t very demanding, just wanted something to eat, something to play with and some hugs until his Daddy picked him up. Of course, he was dressed in kid friendly fatigues.

 I was happy to oblige him.

So was the dog. Some fruit, cereal, turkey sausage and milk. Breakfast of champions.  I think she got most of the sausage!

A fun interruption for the day.

He ended up getting to stay until after his nap. I really hate to give him naps at my house, I’d rather keep on playing but he was getting tired. Then his Dad finished up what he needed to do and picked him up.

One of the best parts of being a grandparent is that you get to have all the fun!

(Sorry for the eye squints, I had them stand in the sun, not such a great idea.)