My son recently asked me to help with a redesign on his apartment.

I went over and took some photos and we spent some time discussing what he wanted to do with it.

We weren’t coming to a definitive conclusion so I suggested that I post the photos on Houzz and see what kind of comments and suggestions we received.

Boy were we surprised!

As of writing this post we have received 29 comments.

How fun!

I think our plans mesh with some of these already but it was nice to get some feedback and while I didn’t agree with all of them, the point was to get a third-party opinion. Sometimes working with family is hard isn’t easy.

I can’t wait to pull it all together.

Here is the before picture;

Here are a couple of the suggestions;

 This was really fun to do, if you ever need design help or in my case validation that what you’re suggesting is on track, hop on over there and post your dilemma. While your there you can drool over the thousands of decor photos.
 I am currently continuing to hunt for larger scale pillows (the first set I bought we didn’t like) plants and possibly some curtains.
He has a project to work on.
And even though we both would have liked to get this over quickly……
Rome wasn’t built in a day!