I have been able to get some organizing done, because I enlisted in some much-needed help from…. part one post.

And of course this involved some on-line research. And my go to girl, Martha Stewart. So, I am sharing some neat tips I found. And as I mentioned before, I am working on the sheet tip and planning on getting the hubby to make me a folding table as well.

Martha recommends using felt rounds or coffee filters (love that) when stacking dishes for storage and to reduce the risk of the piece on the bottom scratching.  I knew I saved that big stack of coffee filters for something. When I switched to a basket style coffee pot, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw the old filters away. I am a thrower of things that I no longer need so I am not sure why I saved those but for now, they are staying to use the next time I move!

Use paper-towel tubes to store tapers. Wrap in tissue first. It saves your candles from getting all scuffed up and turning color. Don’t forget to label what color you have neatly stored on the inside.

This tip has been floating around the internet for quit some time from different sources but I love the idea. Folding your sheets up and storing in one of the pillowcases, aren’t you always looking for the “other” pillow case?

Another GREAT idea, cover a table with muslin (cheap, I checked) and I am assuming some sort of padding and use it for folding and ironing.

And lastly for paint, she recommends you tightly seal the can and store it upside down to form that airtight seal. Now that I didn’t know.The storing upside down part. I do know that when I break into my cans to touch up a room they have definitely not had an airtight seal. Now I know!

Happy Organizing!