I have a confession.

I was behind.

Way behind.

In all areas of my life to the point that a girlfriend of mine asked me if I was ok. She said I had lost the sparkle in my eyes. Yes, only a good girlfriend will tell you that!

The truth is….I was. Behind in cleaning, organizing and work itself. I just couldn’t seem to get caught up with anything and didn’t really know where to startHas this ever happened to you?

Now, I have been sick about 14 days this month. But not to complain.

I just needed some help.

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Said girlfriend from above has someone come in and help her clean 2 times a month and she always seems to have time to do the “other stuff.” Fun Stuff.

She suggested I do the same.

Now, we really shouldn’t be spending money on extra help but I did and what it has given me is Priceless! I enlisted the help of my retired mother for now. She is as excited as I am to get out and do it and yes, I am paying her. She is coming once a week now but as we get caught up I intend to have her come every other week or even once a month.

I am kind of  a neat freak anyway, so to be able to keep things to the standard I want them to be has always been soooo, exhausting.

Not anymore!


What this has given me is some time for the “other stuff” and some extra time for organizing that needed to be done around here. You know the stuff you wish you could get to when you work but can’t and usually only get to it one or two times a year.

I will share some organizing tips that I have been and want to use in part two coming up later this week.

I have been working on the sheet tip……..it is my favorite.

Do you enlist in some help? Even some now and then? Let me know and if you don’t…… you should start. It doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. Maybe you can even barter with someone for some other service. I am thinking about starting a getting some help movement. Seriously!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today!