I wanted to share a tip that I think makes a HUGE difference on your bed and it is something you can do now to improve your space.

Most people have comforter sets. I am not always a big fan of the matchy datchy sets but as I write this I still have and use them because they are just easier and quicker to purchase than finding individual pieces for your bed. And they are  especially nice for home staging purposes.

But the problem is after just a few months (or less) of cramming your pillows in the coordinating shams your pillows start to look flat and limp therefore your shams don’t sit proudly on your bed anymore and you just start to lay them flat on top of your pillows or don’t use them at all. And let’s face it, we usually use old pillows in them because we are using the other ones to sleep on.

The solution;

Go to your local fabric store and buy pillow forms.

Something like this. I buy mine from Hancock Fabrics. The standard size form for a standard sham is 20 x 28. They usually have several sizes. I realize other stores probably carry them but for me it is just a lot quicker to run to the fabric store and quite often they are on sale.

While your there, purchase two for every bed that needs them! You will not be sorry and you won’t be constantly taking your pillows out of your shams every time a guest needs them, they won’t look flat anymore and will sit up proudly on your bed. I even leave them in the plastic to keep the dust off. They make a little noise but we are not tempted to use them that way and they always look plump.

So if you’re putting your home on the market or not, make sure your pillows are always propped up proudly!