I love to peek inside other people homes. That’s probably why I love to stage homes!


I also love to find out what others are up to in their daily lives. Don’t you? I love hearing the good, bad and ugly because let’s face it, we live it all.

So, I’m sharing some of what I’ve got going on in my life today.

 I finally placed the order for my new bedroom furniture hardware….can’t wait to see them and get them on and just in case you’re wondering they were gold and I ordered brushed nickel.  I’ve been working on updating my bedroom with what I have on hand. It’s amazing if you scour your home what you’ll find that you can repurpose. I love doing it in clients homes but sometimes I forget to do it in my own. I also think it’s a spring thing. Time to freshen, brighten, and clean.

I am helping my son and his significant other spruce up their apartment. They purchased a large brown sectional and have now decided they want to add some color. So…with a very small budget in place, I am pillow and accessory shopping for them. I think I should apply the rule above and check my nooks and crannys to see if I have anything they can use.

I just got done with a staging consultation with the most lovely people. It was a perfectly, spotlessly clean home. Yeah! Just needed a very few tweaks and the proverbial take your personal photos down and pack them away because your moving anyway speech.

I am doing a 10 week fitness challenge and I am not to proud to say, most days I find myself thinking, it would be a lot easier to just be fat! But I am pushing through. Today is my free day though and I have taken full advantage of it.

And lastly, I wanted to spend the weekend doing something with my grand-daughter.

and be on a beach…..

and get my nails done….

and maybe even a massage….

but instead I’m working, cleaning, shopping, blogging and spending tomorrow afternoon doing some meet and greets with realtors.

That’s called Life!

I would love to hear what your up to.