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I am not much of a DIY gal, although I do like to make gifts for people when I can. As far as projects around the house if it involves to many steps, I would rather just hire or beg (the hubs) to do it. I like small, quick projects. If I can use a can of spray paint on it, get out my staple gun and staple it or hammer it in the wall, I’m good with it.

But I did make a Valentine’s Day gift this weekend for my grand-daughter. I figured she’ll get all the cards and sweets she needs and I have been wanting to make her one of these for awhile. It didn’t require much…… just some time for glue drying in between coats.

I recently pinned some cute ideas on my Valentine’s board over at Pinterest, if you want to check them out. Some very creative people out there! Either click above or use my sidebar link to go straight there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I purchased several different patterns of scrapbook paper with a common theme of pink, purlple and black.


Got out the trusty bottle of Modge Podge and a leftover scout popcorn tin and starting putting on layers of paper, letting the glue dry in between each layer.


The finished product.


This is a headband/hair clip holder either for her bathroom or bedroom. She has a lot of them like most little girls with long hair!


You use the outside for the headbands and house the rest of your hair goods on the inside.


All ready for Valentine's Day- the card attached is from my pinterest board, it says "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."

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