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Todays topic is: Trust

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This quote showed up on my Facebook wall yesterday and spoke to me then and when I saw todays topic I nearly jumped out of my skin!

Trust is about having faith to me.

Trust is that blind faith that what you’re doing is the right thing.

We are supposed to live our lives with intention but you still have to trust that the decisions you make are the right ones. Don’t you?

We have all made bad decisions but somewhere in that process you have to trust everything will turn out ok.

For me especially those decisions concerning my children. They are both getting older and have gone through so many ups and downs. I keep praying and trusting that everything will work out for them. Now, I know that doesn’t mean everything will be easy and it shouldn’t be but as a mother you worry and then have to trust that they will be able to lead the lives they want and were meant to and that somewhere along the way you helped them in that process.

Wow, not sure that’s where I intended this post to go but there it is. I guess I needed to share that today and that’s the beauty of Five Minute Friday. Thanks for letting me!

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