I’ve been under the weather. VERY under the weather. As I get older it seems like it is harder to get over things. But I’m feeling better and getting back at it.

So, I wanted to share what I’ve been reading to pass the time. A couple of books by Andy Andrews. The Butterfly Effect and The Heart Mender. I love his books. I have read several now and am anxious to get started on the new one he has out. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. The Butterfly Effect (Hardcover)

The Heart Mender (Hardcover)

This is his new one……and it’s next on my list. Hopefully, I won’t have as much down time as I have had of late, to read it though!

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think

So, if you’re looking for a couple of book recommendation, here they are.

Do you have any good book recommendations? Please Share!