When you list your home, it stops becoming your home and it is now a product you are selling. I have used that statement in my marketing, find myself saying it ofen and I believe in it one hundred percent. And just like products in the store get merchandising help your home benefits from it as well, through staging.

In an article published on Realtor.com it simply states that if your house could be sold looking the way a model home does, do you think it might bring in more money?

Whether you hire someone to come in and do it for you or not, it needs to be done. Retail stores put a lot of thought, time, effort and money into making their stores something you want to shop and make purchases in and you should do nothing less than that when you list your home.

I am going to go through a series of dos and don’ts in the next few weeks when preparing your home for sale. It’s easier to illustrate my points if you have a visual to put with it.

Today is a Don’t: Do not leave large collections out on display.

 I went through a home not to long ago that had a collection of nice large and small eagles. The problem was they were everywhere! This home had a lot going on anyway with some disconnect in the interior decorating but adding eagles everywhere didn’t help. I would have suggested that they leave one or two out but box the rest up. 

Here are a few examples of to many pieces of a collection on display:

cow collection kitchen clutter home house for sale real estate photo

plate collection displayed on dining room wall red paint Surprise Arizona home house for sale

kitchen green items collection things cluttered Dutch Netherlands home house for sale

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too many refrigerator magnets on display while selling house home Mesa Arizona photo

They are neatly arranged but that’s all you see in this photo isn’t it? Clean off the fronts of your refrigerators, please!

collection hoard of cheap Native American dolls on display Avondale Arizona home house

I think you get the point here. You may love your collections but someone else will not. Make sure you clean them up. If you have to leave a couple out that’s fine, but just two to three will do. And remember, you are moving. Everything has to get boxed up eventually, this will just be one less thing to pack later.

All the photo credits go to a site called Ugly House Photos. It’s a fun place to visit, hop on over if you get a chance.