Technology, “smechnology”…not a word, ok, but it’s how I feel some days! And I know it’s been said before but there is just something about going to get the mail in the mail box, you know the snail mail box they call it now and receiving a hand written anything  in the mail addressed to you.

Case in point. Last year at about this time, around February 1st, my son left for boot camp. Now I won’t go into details because I’m probably not supposed to. But getting his letters in the mail always made my day. I did get to talk to him a few times and even when his letters showed up the very next day, after just having talked to him, it made my heart swell. There was really nothing earth shattering in those letters except that I think we both were able to say things by writing them down that we haven’t vocalized to each other. I sent him a few encouragement cards from Hallmark to try to build him up while he was away from his family, friends and us. There is power there. The power of love.

My husband recently received a card from an aunt just saying that she was thinking of him and it really meant so much. There is power there. The power of caring.

Recently, through the blog over at (in)courage, DaySpring offered the opportunity to review one of their card packs through (in)spired deals. I love their products and  I thought it would be a great chance to get a closer look at their cards. They sent me not only the pack I chose ( the Thank-You pack) but another pack and a card organizer for FREE!

I loved everything. The cards are good quality, bright, witty, a little bit of scripture and fun, just what I was looking for. So, thanks to DaySpring, I wrote and sent five friends cards today. There is power there. The power of friendships.

DaySpring also sent along a great card writing prompter with ways to begin and I would like to quickly share some of their suggestions because I thought they were great.

  • Keep it real…….
  • Express sincere joy……..
  • Include a blessing…….
  • Close with care……..
  • Let your pen flow….. I loved this one. It explained that it’s never a good idea to over think the process of writing to a friend. Let your pen move freely as your thoughts. God has already prepared your heart to be a blessing. That is the Power of a Handwritten Card.

If you haven’t checked them out you will love what DaySpring has to offer as well as the (in)courage blog.

*This review and all the opinions expressed are my own, except the “ways to begin”suggestions offered by DaySpring.