I found both of these quotes on Pinterest this weekend and wanted to share them today. One to give us motivation on our journey and one to build us up today. I happen to need both, especially on a bitter cold and ice covered Monday morning!

It’s funny how the way we do things is ever-changing. My folder of printed quotes that I have neatly tucked away in my file cabinet is now getting obsolete because I can find much prettier quotes on-line to share. Now, the question is do I keep that file or just start one on the computer? I think for now I’ll keep it, it somehow brings me comfort when I’m searching for a quote to add to a birthday card, thank you note or letter.

 I’ll talk more about my card/letter writing later this week. It is something I like to do and I am going to try to do more of it this year both personally and professionally.

Happy New Week Everyone! Pinned Image

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