This past weekend was my goal setting weekend. I finally took the time to set down and establish some goals for my personal life, my business and even my home. Actually, truth be told usually I just lump my personal goals in with my home  to-do list but then I saw that the Nester was having gathering place for all to share their home goals so I split them up.

My first reaction to setting actual goals for your home was twofold. First, should we all be putting so much emphasis on our homes? I think as long as our/my intention is coming from the right place and not to just “keep up with the Joneses, its’ ok and I know that the Nester did not put the home goal sharing link out there for any other reason than to share with the community.

Second, staging is presenting a house to buyer that showcases it’s best features as beautifully as possible and placing merchandise in the stores to grab people’s attention is what I do for a living so how could I NOT put some emphasis on how my home looks?

Now that I have that all ironed out for myself and some of the guilt is gone, I can get to some goals for my home. Because we are not sure of our future in this home my goals are things that will benefit us no matter where we live.

Home Office Organization;

Our office is a mess, well half of it is. I share the space with the hubs and we’ll just say it is not my side that looks like a trash heap most days of the week. So, I am going to tackle this area for both of us. I am going to draw up a plan, possibly re-paint, purchase some storage either for him or something separate for myself (watch out Craigslist) to use. This is a must do no matter where we reside.

Defined Electronic Device Charging Station/Drawer;

I don’t know about you but we have cords all over our house for our phones, my Kindle, my camera which has to be charged as often as my phone and others. I am going to designate a space, drawer, cubbie, something to gather everything in one spot. I like this charging drawer idea from Martha, that way it’s hidden and you could make a spot for other essentials.

Bedroom Furniture;

We bought our bedroom suite almost 10 years ago and fortunately it still looks pretty darn good. Except the hardware. It has tarnished and makes it look old. I will be buying new hardware to try to update the look and I also want to buy or thrift some new updated accessories to place on the top of one of the longer dressers. I have thought about painting them white or off white but I just can’t bring myself to do that, yet.

More Inviting To Guests;

I suppose this could be placed in my personal goals area as well but I really want to use my home as I think homes were intended. As a gathering place for its owners and guests. Now that my kids are grown and I don’t have their friends coming over for this and that all the time I have started to kind of close my home up. I can’t find the time or the house isn’t perfect (which it wasn’t in the earlier days either) so this year I would like to be more open to people coming over.

Those are just a few home goals for now. I look forward to tackling them as well as others that I am sure will come up as we move through 2012. I think my last goal will be the hardest one to tackle so I hope that at this time next year I can look back and see that I did a good job with some great memories of  more friends and family in our home.

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