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My mornings always start with a few minutes on the couch with the hubs, a hot cup of coffee and until recently my two Bichons. Now, it’s just the three of us because we lost our dear little Ally on Christmas Eve day. This routine is so much a part of our day that our other pup Maisy almost gets frantic if we don’t spend at least a couple of minutes there. This is what we see…not the most beautiful scenery but it’s our reality and we do get to watch the sun come up. This was the view last week.  We usually sit as long as possible and go over the previous days events, our schedules for the current day as well as talk of our kids and what’s going on in their lives.

I realized this morning that January is almost half over. Where did that time go? I am behind in the goal making department. I have been all over bogland and everyone seems to have their lists posted from personal to business and beyond. So we talked it over and this weekend (hopefully) we are going to sit down both separately and then together and make some goals. I already have some spinning in my mind for both and am anxious to get them on paper. I am a list maker by nature anyway so I love the thought of doing it. It’s just the “starting ” I am having trouble with for some reason this year.

January is a slow month for me business wise and I think not being busy is the problem. That and recovery from the holidays, starting a new workout program, some babysitting for the kids (glad to do it) and yesterday’s snow. This was the view out the window this morning.

Excuses, excuses, it is time to put pen to paper or in my case marker to board and get started. I do know things will happen without my goal list but somehow it solidifies things in my mind and heart and will give me some much-needed direction for the rest of the year. Then….. there is always real life thrown in on those plans, right?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! Have you set your goals yet?