Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the day volunteering. I am an American Red Cross volunteer, my main focus is in the disaster services area but thankfully not that many disasters happen in the midwest so I try to help out at some of the blood drives and other programs.

This annual drive is a fun one. Complete with tv coverage and sooo much food donated from local companies.

The Red Cross always supplies (through donations) cookies, pretzels, trail mix, etc. and juice, coffee, water to enjoy after your donation. This helps us make sure you refuel and hydrate and leave the site feeling well. But this time there were also donated bagels and cream cheese, fresh-baked pies from Village Inn, salad and bread sticks from Olive Garden and pizza from Pizza Hut. And as if that were not enough, every one got to take home a free pumpkin pie!

Some day I am going to do a post on the organization itself. There are so many misconceptions about the Red Cross. The biggest one; they are funded by the government. They are not. But today is the not the day for me to properly explain all of that, too much to do!!!

So, if your still looking for someway to give back this year consider the one thing you can’t put in a box and place under the tree …a lifesaving blood donation is the perfect gift!