Whew!!  Was anyone else just a little on the slow side when it came to getting back to reality today? I was!

Part of my recovery process today (after working this morning) was spending the afternoon putting up my small tree in the living room. It is a 7′ slim tree and by slim, I mean skinny! I really like it though. The living room is small and it seems to fit right in. The family tree goes in the basement and this year I think I am going to go with a real tree. So, all the other decorations will go up first. I don’t want to buy it to early and I don’t like to make a huge mess so I decorate room by room after work or when I can squeeze in some free time until everything is up, hopefully by Thursday.

Tree Right Out Of The Box~

My Slim Tree After~

I got to spend part of the Thanksgiving weekend on our annual girls getaway shopping excursion. This year we drove a couple of hours and spent the night. We had tons of fun, ate until we hurt and walked until we just couldn’t walk anymore. But I really got a good start on my shopping!

I found some cute monogram ornaments at Pottery Barn that I am going to use on my table for Christmas dinner. I usually plan my tablescape early in December so if I need to purchase anything I can. And since I didn’t buy anything for Thanksgiving I feel like I can splurge a little for Christmas. Love them! Can’t wait to put it all together. Not sure if they’ll be tied on their table gift or used as a place card/napkin ring, time will tell. That’s what I’ve been up to, now back to work.