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In an effort to make things simple this Thanksgiving, I have vowed not to buy anything new for my table or any other decorations. And since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I think I’m safe. I have managed to use things that I have on hand and it has been a ton of fun.

I always try to set the table as beautiful as the budget allows. I was doing it long before the word tablescape became the newest catch phrase. And I don’t like to have tons of fall decorations everywhere. I like to focus on a couple of areas and make nice presentations.

This year I chose my smaller kitchen side counter, the table of course and my family room. I don’t have the table set as of this post I will be doing that this afternoon as well as tidying up the house and prepping the food.

Because my kitchen is so small I need every inch of space to serve food. The answer was to set up a Thanksgiving vignette on the side counter while leaving a little room for the deserts. I wish I would have lit the candles before I took the pictures but you get the point.

Here’s to all your last-minute prepping!