I wanted to share a link today of a place that is near and dear to my heart.

I am sharing because Bagolitas has some really cute handbags, home decor, gifts and accessories.

I am sharing because Christmas is coming!

Most importantly, I am sharing because Janice is a friend of mine.

Please go to the Bagolitas website and learn a little bit about Janice, her newest journey, creations and her entrepreneurial spirit.

 Here’s a just a small sampling of her products;


~Mini Clutch


~Mini Clutch


~Mini Tote


~Home Decor Frame “Artful”


~Home Decor Frame “Take Flight”


~Small Clipboard ( I have something similar she made and LOVE IT)




~Childrens Apron

Once she sells out of the current stock , she will have new items on the website so visit often.

Have you ever met someone that you had an instant liking and connection to? Not that we are best, call each other every day girfriends but there is just something about Janice that has touched me. Her creative spirit, her kindness, her determination. She has been through so much and is truly one of a kind.

 She didn’t ask me to put Bagolitas on my blog and doesn’t even know I am doing it. That’s the fun part!

If your looking for the unique piece for yourself or someone else, just go visit Janice at the Bagolitas site.

Bagolitas Billboard Image