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I have been perusing through the house, looking for pieces to add to my guest room. I dug way deep in the back room, well it’s not really that bad… and I found this old treasure stacked on a shelf with a bunch of pictures that I have been moving from house to house. You know that box we all keep or I guess in this case those things you make, keep, hold on to for just the right opportunity to get rid or give back.

This one was near the bottom and I decided it would be fun to add this picture to the space. I made it for my son when he was 2 years old. So, it is 25 years old! I actually remember making it for him. At the time we didn’t have much money or much on the walls and I was very proud of it when it was done. I put it in a cheap frame at first and then later on had it custom framed and now I’m so glad I did.

My room is really turning into a space that I am decorating for the grandkids to want to use. My original plan was to make it more for adults and let them use it as their room to sleep in but it is turning out to be more of a room for them to like and adults can use it to sleep in!

So, I think this picture will be a fun addition and it has a purpose again!

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                                This is Day 27 of my 31 Day Series.