Ahhhh, the first layer. Traditionally it would start with paint of course, and there is not carpet so the next thing to put in place is the larger furniture pieces, i.e. bed and rug.  In this case a single. I really wanted to purchase or have the “hubs” build a captains bed or daybed frame like the ones I see in Pottery Barn, but it just wasn’t in the cards this time due to time constraints for him and it really wouldn’t have fit in the budget anyway. Maybe in the future. We didn’t have time to add the rest of the furniture, so I guess you’ll see that another day.

I did get the wall treatment hung and although it looks a little funny now, I think it will really add to the texture of the room when everything is done . It’s not completely attached yet and it may get turned the other way. It will have some artwork hung directly on it and in the room itself you can’t see the wall behind it so much. I took this picture at 6:30AM so maybe it’s the lighting. (I hope). It was something I spent out of my budget.

This is Day 26 of my 31 Day Series, of Decorating with $31. I will finish this room at the end of this series. I am only spending $31, while using accessories and furnishings from the rest of my home. I will also be using a couple of gifts of money and  a gift card on the room but that is money out of someone else’s pocket. Still a room done a very small budget!

Tomorrow, a hidden treasure that I get to finally make use of!