Hopefully, you’ve walked into your home and said “Ah…it’s good to be home.” It has taken me a little while to feel that way about this house but I am getting there. Actually, today after finishing up at work, that is exactly what I said. And it felt really good. That in turn got me thinking about what I really like about my home, how it is decorated, what I really use the most, how it makes me feel and how it makes others feel.

Don’t you just love peeking into other people’s homes…I don’t mean peeking exactly..but rather being invited to someone’s home so you can see how they live?  Are you like me and whenever I find a blog and they have a “home tour” button I actually get excited! Seriously, I really do! You get a glimpse of what they really love about their homes. Usually, on a larger scale than what I’m sharing. These are daily use things that I love, not just “home tour” pics.

 I’m sharing 5 of my favorite things about my home. Not all of these are decorating related, just some favorite things that I can’t live without. Ok…I could but it would be really hard now that I’ve gotten used to having them.

#1– My morning coffee maker and my newer love the Keurig. I get asked all the time why I have two coffee makers out on my kitchen counter. It is because the big one is for the early morning cups for both of us and the Keurig is for the afternoon cup, when it’s just me at home. One cup in 30 seconds, I don’t waste a whole pot, which I used to do and still do once in a while. My hubby originally bought it for me a couple of years ago for my job at the time. There was not a coffee maker available and it worked out perfect. So, now it sits on my counter and I use it when I just need one cup.

#2–The leather loveseat. We have had this loveseat about 8 years. It was a good quality one, and that’s a good thing. It is in our little office but it probably gets used more than our kitchen table. In fact, I’m sure it does. It’s not so pretty anymore, lot’s of dog scratches and it is getting worn patches but it is a great place for us to sit and talk about the day, usually while the other person is on the computer. It’s a great place to catch a quick nap for us or the furry ones. The walls in the office are not as blue as the picture makes them look but now I am re-thinking THAT wall color!

#3–My lighted, magnifying wall mounted make up mirror. My husband said you’re taking a picture of that?! Yes, I did! I first used one of these on our 25th Anniversary trip to Napa Valley.  One of these mirrors was mounted in the bathroom and after the first use, I was in love. I use it everyday….

#4–My Pottery Barn- Metal Wall Accent Scroll. I love. love. love it.  It was purchased originally as a piece for the wall above my mantel. No mantel here but our kitchen does have a vaulted ceiling with a large space and it fits perfectly. The beautiful thing about this piece is that you can turn it just about any way you want to display it. I also think it would be great in a living room, dining room, really almost anywhere. Hence, the reason I splurged on it.

#5–The Target Ottoman Cubes. These used to be in my basement flanking a decorator table. Looked good, really weren’t useful. Then one day I decided to try them in my living room to use as foot rests/coffee table. I actually really like using them in that way. Cheap, versatile, black, easy to move, what more could you want?

~Work update…the first 31 Christmas trees are fluffed…off to another town to fluff 18 (or so they say anyway) more. Then finally, some serious work on the guest room. I promise, next week you will see progress updates.

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