When I started thinking about this project my intent was not to spend much because it’s not a space that we use everyday. Then the concept was born (thanks to a friend) of spending $31 because of the 31 day challenge. Get it? $31…..31 days.

With that being said, it is pretty hard to refresh or redo a room for $31 out-of-pocket but I can do it. With Home Staging, it’s all a matter of pulling from other areas of the home and usually not spending anything so one would think I wouldn’t have any problem doing it in my home. One would think…….

 I have been trying to come up with an interesting way to decorate the walls of the room. I’ve thought about fabric, paint, stripes, wallpaper and then started seeing a few different out of the box ideas. I think I’ve come up with my idea!

Here are some great wall ideas I found at Pinterest.  I am off to the store this morning to get what I am using. I’ll share tomorrow.

small guest bedroom idea

Beach bedroom ideas

Small bedroom

small bedroom

Window as headboard in small bedroom

Rue Magazine: Bedrooms... notice the wall hangings above the bed