I have to admit here, I was really struggling with what to post today. Searching through quotes to inspire me. Then I ran across this famous NIKE image and it jumped out at me. JUST DO IT.

I always have a little motivation problem on Monday mornings. Not Sunday or Sunday evening but Monday. It usually doesn’t last long, just a few minutes while I am contemplating all the things I have to do in the week ahead.  Then, by the time I finish my coffee..I’m ready to get up and………. JUST DO IT.

Now, it doesn’t always go exactly like that but I am thankful that I really don’t have any reason to not get up and do it.

 Isn’t it easy to view life as a chore rather than the gift that it is?  Aren’t we the ones who put the parameters on our lives by the choices we make? And by we, I mean me.

I don’t live in a big fancy house… but I am thankful that I can make the house I live in as beautiful as I can. I am thankful we have jobs, good health, family and each other. So, I need to get up and just get on with getting it on.

I feel better now..do you ever feel that way?

Happy New Week!

                                        This is Day 17 of my 31 Day Series