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To gain a little insight into my personal style of decorating on a budget, I thought I would give you a quick tour of part of my home. I am learning to be content with this home even though it is over 45 years old, the floors are stained, they creak and it is on the small side.  I’ve tried to add small details to each room that give this older house a contemporary yet “homey” feel. You may notice the lack of area rugs but I have two” fur babies”, one is old and one has a bladder problem so the less carpet there is the better! Was that TMI?

These rooms are on the upper level of my home. On the rest of this level is a bathroom, 3 small bedrooms, one of which I am doing for this series, one serves as an office and the other is now housing everything I took out of the “empty” room.

I haven’t taken any photos of the lower level yet……. yes, we live in the midwest and we are lucky enough to have a lower level. When I do, I’ll post a “part two” tour.

While it was short, I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of my home. It is small but it is filled with love and I’m learning that it really is enough.

This is Day 14 of my 31 Day Series of Decorating with $31. I’m joining in with over 700 bloggers. If this is your first visit and want to start at Day One click on the sidebar area of My Recent Posts.