This is Mr. Goodwillhunting’s version of a DIY framed paper idea. It really struck a cord with me when I saw it because the possibilities for color combinations are endless! I also think it is a great idea for staging and I am sure I will be using it.  If a room is completely void of artwork (which happens quite frequently) it could be a really quick, easy and in-expensive fix.  He used scrapbook paper and Wal-Mart frames. I love the idea and it is where I got my inspiration for my room.  He has an awesome blog by the way. Check it out at http://rashoncarraway.com.

This is what I did;

I tried looking for scrapbook paper that I liked , I really was having a hard time deciding and then remembered that I had this at home;

So, I bought a couple of cheap 11×14 frames from the local Michael’s and did this;

I used spray adhesive, stretched the fabric over cardboard, made sure it was smooth and it was done for under $30.00.

Here’s how they look in their new space;

I really did like this quick project. I am planning on doing a DIY art project for the guest room. Some of the things I’ve been considering are;

  • covering three existing canvas frames with fabric ( I have 2 large and 1 medium-sized)
  • painting those canvas frames myself or let my grand-daughter paint them
  • or, I also found another idea of using a letter (last name) over stripes in a frame, if that makes any sense?

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