I gathered up some of the existing items (minus the bed) that I will be using in my room. I now have a pretty good idea of what I need to purchase, what I need to reuse (in the same way) and repurpose (same item, used in a new way). I will refinish only if I HAVE to. Still looking for that thrift piece and by thrift I mean…… almost free. My budget is small, remember? I am secretly hoping it is exactly the color, shape and size I want it. What do you suppose those odds are? It could happen. Really, it could.

This armed bench seat used to sit in a large entry. I probably should/could get rid of it.  I really don’t have a great spot for it so I am going to use it in the guest room. It may get a fresh coat of paint, the seat recovered, and I am even thinking of turning it into a bench without arms. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. That may be my weekend DIY project.

This is a sampling of the pillows I have available. My budget is not going to allow me the luxury of new bedding and new pillows. So, I’ll have to pick out of what I have on hand. The picture doesn’t show all of the colors very well. There is a lot of black on the end pillow and the big bolster looks really green but it is closer to greyish blue. I also have two European Pillows that I’ll have to cover if I want to use them. I’m not obviously going to use all of them so I need to narrow down a color scheme.

I’ve had this big wicker chest for a long time. It is another piece I would like to incorporate into the space. Maybe at the foot of the bed? Or as a side table? The color of it has always been a problem. It is a strange sort of reddish-brown. For now it is in the “use” column.

I not going to show a picture of the bed because well…it’s just a bed. A single size that will fit nicely in the space and will be perfect for the grandkids to sleep on. I’m considering using it more like a daybed look. Placing it horizontally under the window up against the wall and fill it with pillows. That would leave me with just a few feet on each side to put small side tables or something that serves as a table. Hence, the thrift piece.

That’s a start for now. The room is still getting emptied. Didn’t really think that part of this challenge through. It would have been a lot easier to start with an empty room but I guess it is called a “challenge” after all.

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