My to-do list for the room:

  • budget
  • the overall design plan
  • define the style I want to use
  • find inspiration photos
  • paint color
  • pieces to reuse, redo or repurpose
  • color/textiles board
  • window treatments..or not?


It is getting close to the end of week one and I am down to choosing the paint color for the room.

I’ll be completely honest here, I have not come to a definitive answer on this one.. ……..yet. I do have my handy-dandy color wheel and a couple of paint color fan decks that I have been staring  looking at but still not sure. I keep these with my staging bag so I can help someone else make a color decision if they need to paint.

You see……I personally hate to paint. There, I said it! I love to visualize the finished product , I love to look through my paint fan decks and I love to pick paint colors as long as someone else does the painting.

The room now if you’re the type who cares is- SW6106 Kilim Beige from Sherwin Williams.  I know because I always keep the paint strips and mark on them which rooms that I used the color in. ( Tip #1) This is great for touch ups and to take with you when purchasing accessories, etc. Also, when you sell your home it is nice to give these to the new homeowner so they know what colors you’ve used.

Tip #2- Remove the main light switch cover and write the color name and number on the inside with permanent marker. Then if you lose your strip you still have the info.

Who knew I had painting tips? The hate to paint decorator!

I’ve had a really busy week…TGIF..so for now I’ve decided I am keeping the paint color. I may change my mind after I’ve had some time to rest up but then again, maybe NOT!

I’ve attached a great article on painting from the real pros if you need direction on how to pick a color.