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~ Love the mix of pattern in the first photo and the cozy color palette of the second one.

~ Clean, modern and yet cozy. I know that white bedding is chic but I have two dogs so probably won’t happen at my house!

~ Crazy about the pop of color on the wall, eclectic mix of items and there’s that white bedding again.

valencich bedroom nighstand

~ A garden step for a nightstand….unusual but I like the texture it adds.Simon blue bedroom

~ Cubes like the ones at the foot of the bed can be found almost everywhere. I have two in my living room in black that I found at Target. I never thought about using them in different colors and I like the overall effect. Maybe I could add one to my duo and put them in the bedroom…just thinking out loud. But then I’d need to replace them with something in the living room so then again, maybe not.

bedroom has art deco look

~ Art Deco Inspired, love the restful colors. I am a big lover of a little black in every room and in my home I follow that look. In my guest room you can look for some black.

~ I was looking for inspiration to jump off of to get my room started and now that you know my style (Day 5) there are elements in each of these photos to do just that. I think what I need to do now is get started pulling what I have together and think about what I really need to purchase, repurpose and redo (if necessary).

Photo credits: hgtv.com and elledecor.com